"I have worked Allison for over 10 years and she has always provided excellent quality recordings. I have asked Allison for special requests such as needing a subdued sound, a special application needed the prompts to be very fast but not sound like Mickey Mouse and another needed funny/uplifting messaging, she has always delivered. A point that many don't think about, particularly with prompts, new prompts need to fit with prompts she recorded 5 years ago, with the quality and consistency that Allison produces, this has been 'no problem'."

​Michael Heinrich

One of the Most Prevalent Voice Talents Working Today

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Allison Smith is an internationally recognized professional voice talent, specializing in telephone voice recordings. She is a female voice over artist with professional experience and offers services which include recording:

Chances are, you’ve already heard Allison Smith.

If you’ve ever entered your pin number into your telephone banking account,  you’ve probably heard the voice of Allison Smith guiding you through the call. If you’ve participated in a telephone survey, most likely it was Allison’s voice that encouraged you to rate your satisfaction. Ever signed onto a conference call, listened to the public airwaves, took an online training module, or received an automated phone reminder for an upcoming medical or dental appointment? You’ve probably heard voice talent Allison. She’s even been that voice that reminds you to take your ticket at the parking garage.

IVR — or “Interactive Voice Response” — is the term which applies to any time you dial a company and get an automated voice that sorts your call to various departments. There’s a very good likelihood that the warm, friendly voice you encounter when using these systems — no matter where you call — will be that of female voice over talent Allison Smith.

One of most prevalent and widespread telephone female voice artists working today, Allison has the soothing, friendly and familiar sound that you’re looking for. Notable for her work voicing Asterisk voice prompts for the Asterisk open-source PBX, Allison has voiced countless other platforms for major telcos and private companies alike.

So — listen to her voice samples, learn about her rates and follow Allison on Google+ and on Twitter  and Facebook.

Recent News

old microphone isolatedAllison was honored to be asked to participate in a podcast with Telecom Resellers — emphasizing the value of resellers to have a dedicated, professional voice to offer end-users, regardless of platform. Here’s the podcast:  http://bit.ly/29GtxcQ

Webinar with Sangoma!

sangoma_logoAllison recently guested a webinar with Sangoma, innovators in IP Communications. She spoke on her “15 Commandments of IVR”, and it was a very well attended session. If you missed it, the link is here: https://vimeo.com/170991702


Mmmm: Fresh Asterisk 1.5 Stock Prompts Available NOW!

asterisk cookiesAllison has recently done a complete re-record of the Asterisk stock prompts and core sounds — they’re updated, fresh, and free for download. If you’re currently using Asterisk, why not help yourself to the very latest version by following this link: http://downloads.asterisk.org/pub/telephony/sounds/   Enjoy!

Yoga & Voice Seminars

ScreenshotCroppedAllison has combined her long-standing love for yoga with voiceover — and now holds Yoga & Voice workshops at her home-away-from-home — Bodhi Tree Yoga Centre in Calgary, where she has practiced yoga for over 10 years, and over Skype worldwide. Allison lends her expertise in vocal care and shares her fascination with human speech with yoga teachers of all levels, both in the workshop setting and through 1 on 1 coaching. Raising awareness of the dangers of Upspeak, Vocal Fry, Valley Girl, and the dreaded Kardashian, Allison will take your teaching practice to the next level.  For more info, visit www.yogaandvoice.com.

Loway Interview with Allison

Allison was interviewed by the team at Loway — one of the most innovative Call Center designers and installers globally — about her involvement (and on-going love affair!) with Asterisk — read the article here: http://loway.ch/asterisk-callcenter-interviews.jsp?uid=interview-20151201-allison_smith